Baixa, Lisbon

The shopping district


Baixa, Lisbon

Only in town for a whistle stop tour and love nothing more than to be bang smack in the centre of everything? Then Baixa is the barrio for you. Thus named for being one of the only flat parts of town, it was completely destroyed during Lisbon’s 1755 earthquake and rebuilt as one of the first examples of architectural planning. Now it’s elegant grid format makes it one of the city’s easiest neighborhoods to navigate, replete with neo-classical buildings and majestic squares. While central avenues such as Rua Augusta can buzz unpleasantly with people, slip off down the side streets to discover some of Lisbon’s most traditional stores. It was here that merchants once meet with traders as they slipped off the ships, trading goods from the New World. As such, Baixa still has a resoundingly commercial air.

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