'St Tropez of Latin America'



A myriad of 23 glittering coves set around a head-land, its reputation as the ‘St Tropez of Latin America’ has, at times, proved a double edge sword, attracting passing cruise ships to its cobbled-stone streets and hasty developments that have little in common with the charm of this one-time sleepy spot. But in recent years, Buzios has stepped up a gear or two. Driven by a new slew of seriously slick private villas available for rent (us) and a sophisticated culinary scene, Buzios is all about knowing where to go (us again).

To catch sunset over the bay, head to the central cobblestone street of Rua das Pedras. Here the town comes alive after dark and you’ll find bikini shops and designer Brazilian brands alongside cocktail bars. But, truth be told, Buzios nightlife isn’t why to come. Instead, hire a beach buggy and hop via coastal tracks between the 23 beaches, or head out onto the glittering turquoise ocean by boat and explore the crystal clear waters with diving experts.

“ Insider Tip: Located a two and a half hour drive from Rio, if you can, avoid travelling on Friday or Sunday evenings or over a local bank holiday, when travel time can be doubled. ”

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