Whatever the current hype, compared to many of the world’s hotspots, life here is still remarkably low-key.



For a long time, the first rule about Comporta was that you didn’t talk about Comporta. That’s how it managed to stay so preserved for so long. Set just over an hours drive south from Lisbon along the coast of the Alentejo, it was the original bohemian summer hide-out for the capital’s well-heeled to roam barefoot. From grilled fish on the beach to toasting sunset from the dunes, it was a hidden piece of paradise, with hardly a soul to share it with.

Built on whispers of hedonism and deep-rooted friendships, the secret about Comporta slipped out and now this barefoot beach town has become a honey-pot for glamorous Lisboetas and the global jet-set.
If it’s your first-time, ignore the Old-Guard. Thus far, it’s still remarkably unspoilt thanks to the strict conservation laws - a smattering of 7 white-washed towns enveloped in dappled cork groves, zesty pine forests, rolling golden dunes of the softest sand, bursts of emerald rice-fields and a turquoise sea cold enough to put hairs on your chest.

Now Comporta is in transition, with a spate of five star hospitality projects set to launch in the coming years and our personally-collected homes coupled with fully-staffed teams, we are giving first-row access to our clients.

Rather than hand-bags, it’s architecture that’s the serious commodity in Comporta and the name of the game is perfecting the art of elegant simplicity. Raw-woods, white-washed walls, sloping beams, thatched roofs and bamboo guest-houses - this is beach living at its best.

Expect a handful of chicer shops in town and the occasional DJ spinning at Museu do Arroz, but for the most part, it’s all about lazy beach days, siestas in the villa, parties in friends’ houses and five-star family-time.

“ Insider Tip: When people say Comporta, they often mean the neighbouring village and beaches at Carvalhal and Grândola. ”

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