Courchevel 1850

Courchevel 1850: The Ski-Queen


Courchevel 1850

Ask long-time locals about the Courchevel’s glamorous evolution, and they’ll shrug; They still know the local insider spots to go, or are carving their own (check out the the Belvedere Club, tucked away on the pine-encrusted slopes above Courchevel Moriond). With the best terrain on their doorstep and access to 600 km of pistes in the Three Valleys, the quality of the skiing in Courchevel is hard to beat - one reason why old-timers remain fiercely loyal despite the eyebrow raising bling. With the pervading air of see-and-be-seen vibe adding an undercurrent of frisson, it’s not the place to slope out for the morning baguette run in your pyjamas, but that’s why you have a team on hand to take care of these little details for you. During high season, it pays to plan ahead and book a guide, as the best spots are reliably packed.

“ You can't buy happiness, but you can buy a ski pass. ”

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