Lisbon City

The original nation of explorers is now one of the most exciting places to explore.


Yes, the live music and arts scene is evolving into Europe’s most exciting, while tech starts-ups setting up shop faster than you can say x...

But look deeper, and it's the juxtapositions, how the old blends with the new, the sense there is always something to be discovered around the next corner; from the traditional tavernas run by smiling senhoras to the explosive live music scene, where squares buzz with African beats and Brazilian Bossa nova.

Whether this is your first or umpteenth time in Lisbon, you'll soon see that the secret - that Lisbon is an impossibly lovely place to spend time - is well and truly out.
The only trick you need to learn/ you’ll just have to step off the beaten tourist track to experience how local lisboetas live.

That is where we come in.

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