Interior Design

We have a confession: we're aesthetically obsessed
Beautiful design matters
In a rental market saturated with package-design properties, new homes have a chance to stand out from the crowd with intelligent interiors and attention to detail, adding global value to an asset.

Not only will the property stand-out across different platforms and amongst other homes in the same area, it will also attract the right kind of guest.

We suggest incorporating at least two or three original features in a property, be it a funky chair or interesting tableware. In essence, it's about homes that feel like home, even if their purpose is business.
Top design tips
for short-term rental
Home away from home
Guests stay in apartments and chalets because they desire home comforts even whilst abroad.
A unique piece
Competition is fierce in the short-term rental market, so make sure your home stands out.
Social spaces
Your guests will be spending a fair amount of time in your home, so make it cosy and welcoming.
Ease of use
We live in a technology-driven world but sometimes, it's best to keep things simple.
Wear and tear ready
As much as guests treat your home like theirs, spills and other wear and tear are bound to happen.
The essentials list
We collaborate closely with our interior designers to guarantee short-term rental standards are met.
The design process
We integrate interior design into the delivery and rental preparation, managing the process on your behalf.
Decide on a designer
Choose from a portfolio of interior designers with unique backgrounds and varying styles, not to mention a range of budgets.
Select your style
Whether light and modern or colourful and rustic, you will work alongside your chosen designer to decide on the style of your home.
Watch the magic unfold
You may expect regular updates as your design comes to life, as well as a professional photoshoot once the project is complete.
Meet the designers
Our designer collaborations are based on a unifying trait:
we are aesthetes and so are they.

Homeowners can rely on our home stylists for invaluable advice and attentive service in order to maximise the potential of a home.
European Designer
With a background in scenography for TV sets, Laura has a unique approach to interior design. Each detail lends itself to the grander picture, bringing together colours and textures to please clients with a curated and well thought-out finish.
Vikki, Hannah & Sally
French Alps Designers
With years of experience working and managing hotels in the Alps, this trio are a force in combining creative chalet chic, practical advice and incredible organisation to furnish your property without the price tag of an interior designer.
International Designer
Award winning interior designer, Kuka has a long list of widely published projects in countries such as the UK, Portugal, India, China, Switzerland and Brazil. Her attention to detail, sourcing expertise, design and management skills are an excellent match for those looking for exacting standards as well as unique concepts.
Lisbon Designer
Ex-vogue stylist, Alice has the gift
of the eye and, with it, makes every
project very personal - with as much or
little involvement from the owners as
required. She has a knack for sourcing
original pieces and she can perform
magic with most budgets.
Barbara & Maria
Lisbon Designers
A mighty duo, these girls have a soft-
touch approach with owners, but a
fiercely efficient and effective work
ethic that gets wonderful results, and
quickly. Understated, elegant and
Lisbon Designer
A professional transformer. She can
turn a house into a home without
scrimping on any detail. Unique twists
are her thing, she put a swing in the
living room of our very first joint project.
Needless to say it was a total success.