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The story of Athena
Laying the foundations
The first bricks of Athena Collection were laid alongside our sister company, Athena Advisers. Providing a high end, hand-in-hand buyer service, Athena was helping its clients turn into proud new homeowners. But for those with freshly cut keys in hand, a crucial, final step was missing - a property management company meeting their standards.

Athena Collection now offers the completion of a cycle of services, a bespoke home management solution in which a new home is a blank canvas for creativity and recently hinged doors can be opened for grateful guests.

To this day, we are fully integrated with the Athena Group to continue offering our clients a customised service from start to finish, though our client base has expanded beyond this original framework.
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Our unique approach
We do not have a one-size-fits all, standardised approach, nor would we wish that our homeowners do either. Instead, we celebrate the individuality and personality which touches each aspect our of business, from customer service through to customised design.

Whether we watch your home being built from the ground, starting as swirls of dust and steel frames, or it comes to us as an already completed project, our understanding of the property development process means that when it comes time for rental, your home will already be like family.

And when it comes to finishing touches, we embrace interior design rebels with a spark in their eyes and magic in their touch. Elegant furnishings and welcoming warmth are at the heart of each of our homes but as for the rest, it's to each their own.
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Beyond property, beyond borders
Our industry knowledge and adoration of exceptional guest experiences may begin with property management, but it extends as far as our guests' curiosity.

With many miles logged between the Athena Collection team - criss-crossing continents and sailing across the bluest of waters - we have collated our industry knowledge and bulging book of who-to-know in just the right areas.

With hand-picked destinations designed to delight accompanied by insider knowledge straight from the depths of the Amazon jungle or the rocky cliffs of the Greek coast, Athena Collection offers holistic travel experiences ranging from seaside villas to week-long wellness retreats.
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"The perfect place for your stay in Lisbon!"
- An Athena Collection guest
Meet Our Team
Based across Europe, from vibe-filled Lisbon and the coastal Costa Brava, to the white-snow shock of Annecy, the Athena Collection team focusses on customised client services for both homeowners requiring property management and travellers seeking refreshing experiences.

With an eye for design and a cheeky sense of adventure, we offer our homeowners and guests eye-opening insights, insider tips, and handcrafted surprises along the way.
Alessandra Bonder
Brazilian and Greek wild child of the world with four languages under her belt, Alessandra is often found rootling around in the weird and wonderful corners of the globe.

Favourite destination
Ithaca, Greece.

Just as there is a soulmate out there for everyone, there too is a Greek island.
Amanda Kendzior
A switched on soul in a quiet corner of the Costa Brava, Amanda blends her exterior savoir faire with a pinch of inner nerd, providing homeowners and guests with the ideal platter of service and surprise.

Favourite destination
Taíba, Brazil

It's humble and homelike, yet simultaneously satisfies her adventurous spirit.
Catarina Santos
Marketing Executive
A Lisbonite who has tasted life across Europe and returned back home, Catarina's way with words would convert even the most reluctant traveller into a frequent flying explorer.

Favourite destination
Colmar, France

Its picturesque streets take you travelling back in time.
Océane Delobel
French Alps Operations
With a love for sports, animals and hospitality, Océane is lucky enough to call both Val d’Isère and Annecy her home. After 4 years in Paris, she’s back on the ski slopes to take the French Alps to new heights for our Alpine homeowners.

Favourite destination
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Best country in the world for polo.
Diana Huang
Lisbon Operations
A citizen of the world, Diana has expanded her wings to her new home in Lisbon. She can laugh in multiple languages, practices mindfulness and runs a tight ship when it comes to Lisbon operations, keeping homes running beautifully.

Favourite destination
Ubud, Indonesia

A spiritual Balinese town filled with beautiful temples, delicious food and friendly locals.
Julie Giraudeau
South of France Operations
Having tested the waters across Australia, New Zealand and the UK, Julie left the island-life behind to head home to the South of France, where her local knowledge shines through in her work.

Favourite destination
Halong Bay, Vietnam

From the color of the water to the slow pace of the boat, everything is quiet and relaxing.
Together with our Athena affiliates, we can provide a 360 service from home purchase to rental and resale
The Athena Group
Athena Collection is part of the wider Athena Group, a coming-together of real estate industry services under one roof. Fully integrated and offering clients a service from start to finish - and beyond - our teams offer complete client care.
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Recent press featuring Athena Collection
"Fondateur du cabinet de conseil Athena Advisers, « dénicheur de tendances et créateur de destinations », l'entrepreneur français installé au Brésil développe de prestigieux projets immobiliers, hôteliers et lifestyle dans le monde entier."
"In an ideal dream world, you'll be staying at a private villa (like the sleek ones available through Athena Collection) where you can wolf down a remedial hangover brunch prepared by your personal chef then lazy around beside the pool all day."